Teaching is the assigned task to communicate to believers, who they are in Christ – and who Christ is in them!  We are commissioned, as a mission’s organization to teach and train people to live the life, by allowing His life to be expressed through us.

In order to equip people, Mutual Faith Ministries teaches people in our campuses around the world in the following ways:

  • SEMINARS – conducted continually in churches, hotel conference rooms and venues large and small.  These seminars focus on imparting Charisma to people, the full finished work of Jesus!  We teach the participants how to position themselves to rest in the love and God and receive all that He has provided.
  • LIFE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE – Presently, approximately 2,500 students each year participate in this systematic Bible school, in nations including Nigeria, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Columbia, Panama, Nicaragua and many more.
  • BOOKS, BLOGS, & AUDIO TEACHING – We publish books, CD’s and other teaching materials to help people see Jesus, and what He has done for them through His atoning sacrifice.

Your prayerful partnership with us, allows Mutual Faith to instruct thousands each year in the Gospel of God’s great love.

Keith & Heidi Hershey

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