The islands of the Philippines are very diverse in geography and topography. The area where our team ministers is a mixture of farmlands, forests, and beautiful clear water beaches. Our Mission Center itself is located just below an inactive volcano. For the past decade we have managed the Mutual Faith TV Channel; broadcasting the love of Christ from many of our partner churches here in the states, as well as indigenous Filipino programming produced onsite at our studio in the Mission Center.

As of now, we are the only Christian programming available on cable networks in the region. Since the channel has grown and reached more areas, we have been able to plant churches with alumni from our Life Leadership Institute Bible schools as pastors and elders.

Mutual Faith Ministries is working in the Philippines for over twenty years now and has been blessed to have as our directors, the husband and wife team of Johnny and Josephine DeVila. Their desire to reach the unloved with the love of Christ is infectious. Josephine is constantly traveling to different villages each day holding Bible studies and literacy programs, teaching children and adults how to read and write. This not only benefits people in their walk with the Lord but also helps them keep up with the local government and vote in elections. In addition to leading the Mutual Faith team, Johnny pastors a local church, which meets on the Mission Center Campus. The Church has become a huge part of the outreach team for Mutual Faith. The outreach serves people living in villages throughout the area.

Our newest project is an orphanage and school for the community. Because of the economy, many children have been left out on the streets and have no place to go. This orphanage will not only provide a home, but a family for these kids that can impart Christ’s love to them. The two-story structure will be a home for up to forty children. Also, by providing a school for the community, children won’t need to travel long distances to get the education that they so desperately need. Educating the community means better jobs and a better economy for the future of the community.

From the outside looking in these two projects can look very daunting, but we are blessed to be joining our faith with the local believers and our supporters worldwide to make this a reality. In the past few years there has been quite a bit of unrest from terrorist groups in the area. People are looking for answers and hungry to know the love of Christ. It is because of partners like you that we can tell people all over the world that God loves them completely, and we do too!


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Keith & Heidi Hershey

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