Nigeria, known as “the Giant of Africa”, is Africa’s most populous country, and the seventh most populous country in the world. The country identifies roughly half as Christian and half as Muslim.  After loosing our African offices in the Liberian Civil War in the late 1980’s, our Mutual Faith African Directors, Richard and Florence Johnson, fled to Nigeria and launched a new work with Mutual Faith Ministries

Our Mission Center campus is located in Benin City near the coast of the country. In addition to hosting events and conferences, we also have a school for grades K-12 providing Christian education for the community. The Mission Center has become a beacon of light in the community by sharing the love of God and training up leaders to share the Gospel.

Richard and Florence currently coordinates the LIFE Leadership Institute which educates more than 1,000 new students each year, and has schools in over 20 of the states in the country. The team also operates our Operation LIFE Cell program, a program designed to raise up leaders to reach out to regions of rage in the northern Islamic states.

Like many other countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East, Nigeria has had to deal with Islamic Extremism and terrorist groups fighting for power. We’ve had churches burnt down in northern states and peoples live’s threatened, but continue to press forward and share the love of Christ.


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