News from the Bekaa Valley

Our team just returned from an outreach to the Bekaa Valley where they ministered to hundreds of Syrian refugees living in refugee camps. We took 38 of our young adults to conduct the program on April 20th. Approximately 200 kids attended, as well as many parents.  The program included our youth as circus performers and clowns and featured games, dances, skits on sin and grace. Elder Gaby preached and led everyone in a prayer.

Many of our young adults are Syrian refugees themselves and what a wonderful opportunity for them to be able to serve those in the refugee community with very different backgrounds and lifestyles.  Many of our young people are from the city (both in Syrian and here in Beirut) and had never seen the simple country life or the conditions in the makeshift refugee camps.  One youth remarked that seeing what they had made him grateful he was for what he has here, despite the fact it is still very little compared to most of our standards.

The parents were a little nervous and wary at first, unsure of what this was all about,  but they quickly warmed up to us, joining in with the singing and dancing.  We are confident that our work here will have a lasting impact and will help build bridges of peace that will allow up to continue to invest in outreach and ministry in this specific community.

The opportunity to develop relationships to even conduct this outreach the Bekaa Valley is due to our faithful disciple, Abu Isma’il (name changed to protect privacy).  Abu Isma-il’s story of conversion is nothing short of amazing and his work ministering to and discipling others is exciting! I will be sharing his story with you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and be on the lookout for this!

Thank you for your love, support and prayers for us and our ministry at the Life Center and Spring of Life!


Pastor Said Deeb

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