New Shoes and a Day Trip!

All the children in the LIFE HOME, the Mutual Faith Philippine orphanage, on the MFM campus in General Santos were so blessed to have a day trip into the city, and pick out and purchase a brand new pair of shoes!

As you can imagine, how much fun for the kids this could be, and how exciting to have something picked out that they liked, and was brand new.  The 24 kids in the LIFE HOME receive loving care and are growing in knowing of God’s love and grace for them too.

Additionally, the kids all were able to go to a restaurant, and select a meal and enjoy the day with adventures they very seldom get to have.  A big thank you to all the sponsors of the kids, and for those who have given to keep the LFIE HOME orphanage a place of excellence too.


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Keith & Heidi Hershey

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