Trokosi Slave Rescue

Trokosi is the virtual enslavement of scores of girls and young women in the Volta region of Ghana and other nations of West Africa, to a life of virtual slavery and prostitution. Traditional religious shrines take young girls, as young as 4, in “payment for services,” or “religious atonement” for alleged misdeeds of a family member. The girls are denied education and human affection, they are sexually abused, and forced to serve at hard labor. They receive no compensation and frequent harsh punishment. If a child dies or manages to escape, the family may be penalized and forced to replace another child. Though the practice has been outlawed, it is still practiced.

Once the Mutual Faith Center receives these suffering, battered women and children, they live on our site for several weeks or months. During this time their physical and emotional needs are cared for and the Gospel is shared with them in order that they may learn to receive and place their trust and faith in Jesus Christ. Before these women leave the Mission Center they are trained in an occupation and given a grant of “seed money” to help them begin to live a productive life.

We are grateful for the opportunity the Lord has provided MFMI to minister to these women and children and to help restore them to lives of blessing and peace. We continue to work with our present recipients and continue to seek the release and rehabilitation of many others from this evil practice.


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