The Middle East Life Center in Beirut, Lebanon was purchased and renovated by Mutual Faith in 2009. We had no idea how strategic the campus would be to minister to thousands of people in this region who have been impacted by war, terror and instability.

Even now, with the Syrian civil war, and ISIS terrorism, thousands of refugees have streamed into Beirut, and many hundreds come to the Middle East Life Center to find help and hope – food, clothing, medical assistance and even education for their children.

Today, we have over 300 kids each day at our campus, 130 of them are kids in our Spring of Life School, training and equipping this young generation academically as well as spiritually. The others are in special classes to help mentor them through all the social and emotional issues of going through war and being a refugee!

Continue to pray with us, for the Mutual Faith Lebanon team, for the wisdom to minister during these very perilous times. Pray too, for proper provision, so all the needs will be met in full.

The strength of the entire ministry here at the Middle East Life Center is the faithful and dedicated Mutual Faith Lebanon team. Under the leadership of Pastor Said and Cecille Deeb, God has brought together some of the most gifted and giving people, who with creative compassion reach out and recue so many who have been battered and broken by the atrocities happening throughout this region. Even with the chaos, bombings and unrest, the Gospel still anchors everything Mutual Faith Lebanon does.

This is why the Eagles in Christ youth group is so ‘fired up’ about sharing the love on the streets of Lebanon! Literally hundreds of people have prayed with them to commit their lives to Jesus! Even in the weekly outreaches to the Syrian refugee community, people are being established in the love of the Father, and the finished work of Jesus! When in private, many of these Muslim men are asking to be baptized, and the women are faithfully studying the scriptures with us, with a greater love and appreciation for what the Lord has done for all of us.

However, there are enormous challenges and difficulties. As you can imagine, ministering in this region, poses significant needs. This is why our friends and partners in prayer and finances are such a blessing, so we can continue to #ShareTheLove in the region of the world.

Let’s not let our hearts be troubled! This is why our hope and faith in God’s unending love in Christ must anchor our hearts. And this is why the ongoing stories and testimonies of provision, healing and supply in the lives of the precious people in this region continue to motivate us to carry on, and be faithful to the assignment God has placed in our hearts. Thousands of lives are being eternally impacted by the Mutual Faith Lebanon team.


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