Conferences & Events

Mutual Faith will host it’s annual Mission Conference at the new Life Center. Also, periodic conferences will be conducted throughout the year, along with Pastoral Round Table events. The Center is well equipped for large gathering of 300+ or smaller, more intimate events as well. The kitchen, with it’s catering capacity will accommodate for all the needs of any of these conferences.

Internships & Missions Training

Since the early days of Mutual Faith, we have had scores of people who desired to be trained by Mutual Faith for missions ministry and short-term international outreach. This facility will provide not only for the missions training courses, but also for hands-on internship ministry opportunities. We are excited about the leadership training for missionaries and mission groups.

Local Churches

The Life Center will also be leased to three or four local churches of different language groups and cultural diversities. One of the great challenges in most major cities of the world is for smaller congregations to find a place they can meet, that they can afford. The local churches that meet at the Life Center will also provide a revenue stream that will help offset the cost of the facility.

Media Studios

The Life Center will be the hub for all media broadcasting for Mutual Faith Ministries, including TV, audio, , web and social media. This will be the coordination center for streaming, podcasts and other broadcasting to the nations.


The Life Center will also coordinate events in the community, to provide for the needs of the local population, but also as a hands on training (boot camp) for those interested in International, cross cultural missions ministry. We will be feeding the poor, mentoring and tutoring disadvantaged children as well as hosting free outreaches to assist with money management and providing legal counsel. Many other outreaches like Fun Fairs and Harvest Festivals will also be administered from the Life Center campus.

Concerts & Theatrical Productions

The Life Center will host Christian concerts and theatrical productions, to introduce people to the love and goodness of God! Professionals in the industry will utilize their gifts and talents at the Life Center to bring quality performances and ministry expressions.

Life Center USA

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