Oak Valley Church

9:00 am

October 29, 2017

9580 Calimesa Blvd,
Calimesa, CA 92320

Pastors Tom and Joyce Villalobos

We are a church who loves God and loves people. We live with the purpose to share Jesus so that people in our world can know and experience the amazing grace, unconditional love and abundant life of God.

Our mission is to help people grow strong in their faith and to take the love of God to those who are lost and hurting through everyday life & through practical outreach.

We are a church of grace. We all have the opportunity to receive God’s amazing grace. It is his grace that gives us a fresh start in life and empowers us to live.

We have a passion for the house of God and we are passionate in worship.

We love families! Our desire is to grow strong families, great marriages and children that love God.

Join us in our mission of LOVING PEOPLE TO LIFE and showing God’s goodness and love for all humanity.


Service Times: 9AM & 11AM



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